Becky's Closet is Growing

Bobby and Becky pose at the 2018 FJBTH book launch party

I meet A LOT of people. I meet at least 10-15 new people each week.

That estimate may be a little on the light side, too. I am a busy a television reporter by day, which means I am constantly on the go and see new faces daily. I do my best to keep up with everyone after our initial interactions but it is definitely hard to do.

The 28 people in Finding Joy Beyond The Headlines are no exception. I love all of them but I can't keep tabs on everyone! That's why I get a huge jolt of joy when those special people reach back out to me to share joyful updates in their lives.

I met Becky Gama a few years ago. You can see her TV story here.

In 2017, Becky (humbly) told me all about the impact her generosity was having on her patients at a local hospital. Becky has been a nurse for a long time and cares very much for the people in her care. One gentleman in particular sparked a wave of empathy that landed Becky in the GIVING chapter of FJBTH. Her stories is one of my favorites from the book!

Becky met a homeless man who needed medical care. His clothes were tattered and dirty. He was not in good shape. He only asked for coffee but Becky could tell he needed more. She asked him where he was heading after discharge. He didn't know. She felt a stirring in her heart to help. She asked a few of her co-workers to bring in some new or gently-used items she could give the homeless man when it came time for him to leave the hospital.

She was stunned by the response.

One day later she not only had enough clothes to outfit her patient head-to-toe, but had TONS of extra items. She decided to fill up a closet in a discrete location of the hospital with the clothing items. Her co-workers affectionately named it Becky's Closet. She kept it stocked with everything from shoes to underwear to shirts. The items came in handy when someone less-fortunate came in for medical care. It is the perfect example of a caring spirit at work.

I saw Becky in September 2018 at our Book Launch event. She was all smiles when I asked her about the closet. Neither one of us had any idea what kind of surprise God had in store.

This is an email I received this week:

Bobby and Becky Gama pose in front of Becky's Closet in 2017

"Hi Bobby. Hope you are doing well. I was at (the hospital) yesterday and thought I’d give you an update on Becky’s Closet. Thanks to your story, a former patient offered to donate money so Becky could get everything she needed.

The man was in the hospital multiple times for multiple days even weeks at a time. He happened to be in the hospital when you did the story with Becky. When he asked where Becky was, the other nurses told him you were interviewing her about the closet. After finding out about the closet, he gave a significant amount of money for Becky to buy clothes in all sizes. With the extra money, Becky and a couple of other nurses on the floor created a “Boredom Buster Cart” filled with books, puzzles, coloring sheets and reading glasses to take to patient rooms. They are all pretty amazing people.

The gentleman and his wife have “adopted” that floor and those nurses. They help whenever they do community service projects and stop by often to visit. It is a great coincidence how your story at that time allowed Becky’s Closet to serve all patients in need."

I love hearing updates like these! I can't wait to go back and see Becky and meet the family who expanded on her attitude of giving.

This is how joy spreads!

"Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous. And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God.” --2 CORINTHIANS 9:11

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