Even in quarantine, God is trustworthy

What are you trusting in right now?

Are you trusting in yourself? Are you trusting in the news? Are you trusting in the government? OR, are you trusting in the only source of hope in the universe?

Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to TRUST in the Lord. And, not just to trust in the Lord but to trust with ALL YOUR HEART.

That can be difficult when we are facing days ahead without certainties. But, when you think about it, there's never been a day ahead with certainties. We are not living in a different world than before. Coronavirus has changed a lot but it hasn't changed God. It hasn't changed the fact that God was, is, and will be in control of any and all things. God knew coronavirus was coming. This didn't catch him off guard. He's steadfast. He's unchanging. He's our rock. He's worth trusting.

The fears of the moment can seem paralyzing. Uncertainty can seem overwhelming. We are all looking for direction and certainties. They are present with the Lord. Are you trusting him today? For tomorrow? To provide and sustain you? To keep you healthy? To keep you sane? Jesus does that.

Let's lean on him during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Let's lean on him through a pandemic. As the verses command, let us "not depend on (our) own understanding" but rather seek out the Lord and He will show us "which path to take".

What are you trusting in today? Better question: WHO are you trusting in today?

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© 2019 by Bobby Lewis