God Delivers Another Blessing

I LOVE when God surprises us. He does it ALL. THE. TIME. Our Creator is constantly leaving us reminders that He is in total control.

I had a super special conversation this past week with a woman I’ve gotten to know pretty well over the past few years. It’d be impossible NOT to know Holly Festa well given how vulnerable and open she has been with me through tragedy. Picture your worst nightmare then multiply that by 1,000. Holly and her husband, Brian, have lived through it twice. They have endured some of the most difficult moments any parent can imagine. They lost two children within 18 months in terrifying ways.

I first met Holly after her first baby, Sawyer, died after just a few days on earth. We stood on the beach together and they poured out their hearts to me. It was heartbreaking. Just 18 months later, I grieved with them again after their second baby, Addy, died of SIDS while at daycare.

Two little lives lost. Their hopes for a family were fading.

Good thing God doesn’t let our hopes fade.

Yet, God had plans for the Festa family. God has big plans. Through grief he brought joy. The couple adopted a baby boy, Titus, and got pregnant with another girl, Tatum.

That in itself is reason for celebration. But, as I said, God likes surprises.

Holly and Brian are due to welcome another child, baby Taelynn. She will make five children for the Festas. God is so good. Baby No. 5 will be here by September and there are NO physical complications this time around. Miracles are more common than we think.

Our God is a God of GOOD gifts!

Toby has bunkbeds now. Bunkbeds! It was probably the furthest thing from Holly and Brian’s minds during those painful moments while holding their first two girls who would be called home to heaven so early.

Mother’s Day just passed this weekend. It was a moment for all of us to hug our moms and say a quiet prayer of thanks to the Lord for giving us, hopefully, such a wonderful person in our lives. For the Festa family, which has seen its share of down days, Mother’s Day must include extra doses of joy.

You can read Brian and Holly’s journey to making a family in the perseverance chapter of Finding Joy Beyond The Headlines.

© 2019 by Bobby Lewis