I never thought I'd be an author

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Guess what? I’m writing a book.

I never thought I would get the opportunity to add ‘author’ to my bio but I’m determined to do it. I got the feeling I needed to write this book while on vacation in the mountains of North Carolina the summer of 2017. Over the Fourth of July holiday, my wedding anniversary by the way, I explained to a few new friendly neighbors what I did for a living.

I got the expected line of comments and questioning:

“Isn’t it hard working in the media?”

“Do you have to report on murders and stuff?”

“I would hate that job.”

I already knew what the perception of local and national news/media outlets were from my every day encounters with interviewees. People don’t really like news. They don’t consume it because they think it’s depressing. It’s a grim, bleak outlook thanks to a number of factors.

I, then, was given the chance to explain to these new friendly neighbors how I fit into the media world.

I get to do the two-minutes of happy news each day that uplifts your spirt and reminds you that there is good stuff going on in the world besides those murders, robberies, natural disasters and Presidential tweets you’re bombarded with each night. The world is far brighter than it’s made out to be in the newspaper, TV and online.

I hope that my daily human interest segment On The Road is a breath of fresh air in a world full of smoggy media pollution. Now, not all media and news coverage is awful and dreary. Many stories are encouraging. I wanted to write about my slice of journalistic responsibility and how my faith compass has helped guide me to present stories in a Godly manner.

Life seems dark and hopeless if you only plug in to a dark and hopeless source. If you choose the bright, shining, uplifting one instead, you’ll find that life can be more exciting than you ever imagined. Hopefully, my two minutes each day is a reminder of that.

Seek joy today.

God Bless -- BL


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