It's time to find JOY

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

I want to give an update on my adventure to becoming an author. I have chosen a title, created a logo that will be used as a book cover and had my first promotional event! This is an exciting time for the book and I can’t wait to see what comes next in this project God has put in my path.

The name of my book is Finding Joy Beyond The Headlines. I think it’s appropriate since most of the headlines of our lives are negative. That doesn’t mean that ALL the headlines we see and hear are negative, but it certainly seems harder than ever to find slivers of happy news during the day. We are bombarded with images, videos and reports of all the things going wrong in this world. I hope that the FJBTH book becomes a magnifying glass for God’s goodness in our world. It’s there but sometimes it’s harder to see through the muck and grime of the headlines. The first things we hear about are often the worst parts of our day. Yet, God planted a bit of uplifting content in our news feeds, too. Picture a diamond dropped into a pasture. There is plenty of stuff that will catch your eye first. But, that diamond is still there!

That’s JOY.

The logo is one that I’m especially pleased with because it shows off exactly what stuff bogs us down during the day. I chose the shape of a TV set. Yes, it has antennae and looks like it was from 1974. I get that. But, it’s also instantly recognizable as a TV set. If I picked a flat screen LCD, 4K shape, it’d look like a rectangle. I wanted this to be obvious. Inside the TV frame are horrible headlines all written in gray. There are depressing things like flood, eviction, tornadoes, fire, abuse and many more. All these things are undesirable. All these things tend to get more media coverage than the encouraging content we all crave. In bright, BOLD red and black letters, I wrote the title, Finding Joy Beyond The Headlines. I like this. It will most likely be set against a white front cover. I’m still brainstorming the back cover.

I was able to emcee an event last Friday at Pasadena Community Church. The church hosted its final ‘Starlight’ musical performance after 65 years. I set up a table in the back of the church and promoted the book, with the help of my lovely wife, before and after the show. I got some nice feedback from people who gave us their contact information. I am looking forward to reaching out to them soon and adding to the growing list of people who want to be reminded of God’s love in this world by reading FJBTH.

I also have social media accounts set up for FJBTH now. Check out the book on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Search @FJBTHbook for all. I’m going to try to keep those as current as possible.

I love the fact that you took the time to read this post. I am excited about what FJBTH can and will become. God directed me to write this, so I know it will succeed. God doesn’t call us to projects that fail when those projects are set up for His glory. Keep the prayers coming for this book project. It will be out in Fall 2018! It’s almost time to send it off to be published.

Find JOY today.


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