JOYFUL FLASHBACK: The Day Eric Met Vanna

Today is April 3, 2019. It is the two-year anniversary of the day I was able to introduce Eric Piburn to one of his TV heroes, Vanna White. He LOVES the Wheel of Fortune co-star. Without even knowing it, she helped him through some incredibly difficult moments. Eric is waiting for a heart and double-lung transplant to survive. Watching Vanna on TV helped keep a smile on his face.

You can read about Eric’s story, and his connection to Vanna, in the Perseverance chapter of Finding Joy Beyond The Headlines! You can watch his story here.

How good is God?

I’m celebrating the memory of his wonderful moment today! Two years ago Eric was a vision of perseverance and determination. Now, at the unlikely age of 12, he’s still giving us chills by being an incredible, JOYFUL, example, each day.

Don’t let the headlines tear you down. Gaze at your problems and STARE at your God!



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