Living forward means looking in God's direction

Most of us probably would label ourselves as a ‘good’ person. It is, however, incorrect.

Biblically speaking “only God is truly good”. Those are the words of Jesus himself from Mark 10:18, while explaining to a rich man how our human standard of “good” can never measure up to God’s. (Side note: This is a very interesting article about Jesus proclaiming his deity while appearing to contradict it during this conversation with the rich man.)

It’s safe to say the opposite of good is evil. We should then stand to reason that anyone who can’t call themselves ‘good’ must call themselves ‘evil’.

Ever notice that 'LIVE' spelled backward is 'EVIL'?

This is poetic truth. We all tend to live backward lives. Even when we try to do ‘good’, it’s still never ‘good’ enough. Living apart from the bible's blueprint is considered evil living.

We’re in a tough spot. We humans can't help ourselves. We love what is evil and ignore what is good (Micah 3:2). One of Jesus’ 12 disciples, Peter, complained outwardly about his inability to live up to what he KNEW was proper living (Romans 7:15-20).

Living this way separates us from God, who is the ultimate Source of what's GOOD in the world. We should be earnestly seeking that goodness by connecting and aligning with our heavenly Father. We are naturally evil, but we can turn things around.

God offers us a chance to be cleansed through connection.

When we seek God, we find ourselves participating in our own redirection. Seeking God points us back in the right direction. It’s important that we strive to live a ‘good’ life, even knowing we can never do it on our own.

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