PLEASE PRAY for Debi Shackowsky

Sometimes tragedy strikes and we can’t explain it. Tragedy hit the family of one of the special women from our book this week. Please join me in praying for Debi Shackowsky.

Debi put out an urgent request for prayer on Monday. Her niece was struggling. Here is Debi’s Facebook update from Wednesday:

“This is by far the most difficult post I have ever had to write. Last night my 27 yo niece had a aneurysm and was air flighted to Bayfront Center where she arrived brain dead. She was 6 months pregnant today. The baby was taken by c section at 11:19 pm on January 14, 2020. Baby is holding his own weighing in at a hefty 1.13lb and measuring in at 13.8. He is breathing without ventilation for the most part. After further testing today and at 5:57 pm my beautiful niece Lexi was pronounced dead. Tonight we await for lifelink reps to come and meet our girl. Families have begun to be notified they will be a donor recipient within in the next 24 hours. We will know in approximately 5 days how many organs were harvested and how many lives she has saved. The last gift for her to give onto others is life.... How beautiful of an everlasting gift!!!! Tomorrow shortly after noon there will be a ceremonial procession with hospital staff and family as we follow her bed up to the OR doors where we will let her go to give life to those also in need. While our pleas for a miracle where not ours to be had today..... her life and last gifts are a miracle to be had for so many more anxiously awaiting for the gift of life. I am thankful to our family is large, loving and very close. These aren’t just cousins... they grew up like siblings and act like siblings. So, thank you to everyone who prayed for our baby girl, who reached out, who stopped by and more. We are very humbled in our time of need. We are taking one step at a time right now. I will post more info as developments occur. In the meantime, I do ask for the prayer warriors to keep my sister Gabby, brother in law Ralph and siblings to LEXI Lindsey and Quinton Allen in your prayers and husband Brad and of course baby cooper!”

This is an incredibly sad situation for a woman who we know and love. Please join me in praying for this family!

Lord uplift this family. Bring them comfort in this terrible moment. Remind them of your goodness and love. Surround them with friends who can shed tears with them and offer a shoulder to cry on. Strengthen baby Cooper so he develops into a thriving child. Bless the families who will receive Lexi's organs and may this gift save their lives. Amen.

You can read Debi's story in the BLESSING chapter of Finding Joy Beyond The Headlines.


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