Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Bobby with his wife, Juslin, Ava & Easton.

My wife has two main love languages. She needs words of affirmation from me and quality time together. There are no shortcuts here. I know if I want her to feel connected to me (which I do) I have to do those things OFTEN.

I have to go out of my way to tell her I love her, even if I just said it an hour ago. I have to make time to connect with her, even if I'm busy. I can't skip these steps and expect us to be in perfect alignment. If I don't put in the work our relationship will suffer.

My question is, how often do we fail to work on our relationship with God?

I've heard it said the average person spends three minutes per day in prayer. THREE. That's it. We spend more time brushing our teeth! Do you feel disconnected from God? Have you put in extra time to make the relationship work? Are you seeking God's love language?

God isn't interested in your religion. He wants a relationship. Going through the motions (i.e. three minutes of prayer per day) won't keep that relationship alive. If I only spent three minutes per day communicating with my wife, our marriage would shrivel.

Why would it be any different with your Creator?

This is something I am starting to see more clearly in my life. God wants us to give Him our best words of affirmation. He wants to spend quality time with us.

Want more love? Spend more time. #FJBTH

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